Extensions and Renovations

Renovations and extensionsBuilding design solutions for your home.

In an ever evolving world, as we change, our living requirements may change too. Families grow, lifestyles change and design becomes outdated… what has served our needs in the past may not necessarily do so today, highlighting the need for improvements. This may mean an extension to a home, some renovations or both.

Extending a house, thereby adding more floor space, is an obvious way to solve the problem of space. In some cases this can be cheaper than moving too.

Renovations (more than ever in the spotlight due to television renovating shows), could be desired simply to update an older home. Or, perhaps renovations are an important step needed to increase functionality in a space.

We see our services in extensions and renovations as an alternative to moving house. Engaging a building design practice to extend or renovate a home can be a wise investment in time and resources, negating the stress of moving.

Whatever improvements are needed, our years of experience and up-to-date insights of all necessary laws, permits and council regulations have been known to save our clients time and hassle. Our fluency in design principles and our consultative approach can also offer a variety of solutions to meet the outcomes required.

Our services are consultation-based and we have found clients are happy to engage us for a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ where needed to offer design possibilities which can be worth their weight in money, time and energy.

Whether it’s giving your bathroom a well-needed update or extending out to that back office you’ve always dreamed of, book your free consultation to see how we can help solve your design problems.

Contact us for a free consultation so that we can understand your needs and offer a solution that fits.