Factors In Sustainable Home Design

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to sustainable home design, and this is something we are passionate about. Creating a sustainable home is a good investment for the future and the benefits of such a decision comes through in many ways. For instance, there will be less dependence on energy […]


Outdoor Living In Winter

Indoor/outdoor spaces have been a trend for quite a while now, but just because the temperature is dropping needn’t mean that you have to stop using this part of the home. From fire pits to café blinds to add-ons like outdoor spa baths, there’s many ways to create a year-round (or, at least, mostly year-round) […]

New House Design Geelong

The ‘Breathability’ Factor for New Homes

More than ever, new homes are now warm, and well sealed however such improvements may also bring an unwanted consequence in some cases: excessive condensation build up. When planning for a new home, the important factor of ‘breathability’ can be sometimes overlooked, ironically even possibly overtaken by solutions regarding energy efficiency. Condensation may be a […]

Before buying land

Ten Things To Consider Before You Buy A Block Of Land

The potential of a particular block of land is more than just soil deep – there are many factors to take into account when considering land for purchase. The key is to be well-informed and understand any pitfalls, hidden or overt, which could impinge on construction down the track. Here are some things to think […]

Extend or build a new home?

To Extend Or Build

The choice to extend your home or sell up and build from scratch is a decision influenced by many factors. Considerations like cost, convenience and even investment potential all come into play, as does your personal preference, lifestyle and plans for the future. Whether you are intending on building or staying put, we are here […]

Is my block large enough to subdivide?

Is my site large enough to subdivide?

The appeal of subdividing a block is strong: if you have a large enough block, why not sell off some of your unused ‘backyard’ for a development? Theoretically, it’s a winning idea and sounds quite simple. The reality of making this happen is often slightly more complicated and concerns more than just sheer availability of […]

Welcome To Binder Peart Design

We are a small team of passionate and committed building designers, located on the Bellarine Peninsula. Our experience is mainly focused in the Geelong and Surfcoast areas while also extending across country Victoria and New South Wales. Binder Peart Design is a newly formed design studio, directors Judy Binder and Lisa Peart are both registered […]